Fire resistance foam up do 240 minutes

  • Sealing and protecting
  • According to EN 1366-4 / VFK 5
  • Safe and effective
Chemische Basis

1k Polyurethan


750ml Dose

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Fields of Application
Technical Properties
Material suitability
Application Instructions
Storage and Transportation
Safety Precautions and Disposal
Warranty Information
  • 1C-PU fire resistance foam
  • Fulfill requirements according to EN 1366-4 and VKF 5
  • Fire resistant up to 240 minutes, at wall joint 20×120 mm (width x depth)
  • Suitable for joints from 10×200 mm up to 20×120 mm (width x depth)
  • Expanding and gap filling
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Efficient sealing against smoke
  • Excellent bonding on versatile materials
  • Safe, easy and efficient application
  • COMBI-function for application with gun dispenser and plastic adapter
  • Safety valve, TÜV approved
  • Storing of can in all positions possible
  • Red colour of foam for visual control
Fields of Application
  • Fire resistant installation of window and door frame
  • Filling and sealing of gaps, connection joints, wall openings, holes, etc.
  • Isolation and sealing of gaps in general
  • Suitable as part of complete approved fire resistant systems
Technical Properties
[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″]FEATURE,TECHNICAL%20VALUE,INSPECTION%20CONDITIONS|Chemical%20basics%3A,1K%20polyurethane%20in%20aerosol%20can,|Color,Red,|Cell%20structure,Fine,23%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F.|Fire%20resistance%20(gap%2010x200mm),EI%20240%20min.,23%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F.|Yield%20(strand%2020×50%20mm),~28%C2%B13%20m,23%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F.|Yield%2C%20foamed%20freely%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20(Gun%2FAdapter),~46%C2%B12%20%2F%20~35%C2%B12%20l,23%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F.|Bulk%20density%2C%20foam%20joint%20%20%20%20%20(Gun%2FAdapter),~13%C2%B12%20%2F%20~16%C2%B12%20kg%2Fm%C2%B3,23%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F|Tack-free%20time,~%20%208%C2%B13%20%20Min.,%20FEICA%2023%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F|Cuttable%20(30%20mm%20strand%2C%2023%20%C2%B0%20C),~40%C2%B15%20%20Min.,FEICA%2023%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F|Fully%20loadable%20(30%20mm%20strand%2C%2023%20%C2%B0%20C),~24%20hours,23%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F|Processing%20temperature%2C%20optimal,%2B18%C2%B0C%20up%20to%20%2B23%C2%B0C,|Processing%20temperature%2C%20can%20%2F%20surrounding,%2B%20%205%C2%B0C%20up%20to%20%2B35%C2%B0C,|Temperature%20resistance,-%2040%C2%B0C%20up%20to%20%2B90%C2%B0C,|Storage%20stability,12%20month,23%C2%B0C%2C%2050%25%20r.F.|Packaging,750%20ml%20can%20%2F%2012%20cans%20per%20box,[/vc_table]
Material suitability
[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic” allow_html=”1″ el_class=”materialeignung”]MATERIAL,EIGNUNG|,[c#fcfcfc;bg#65b32e]recommended|,[bg#65b32e;c#ffffff]recommended|,[bg#ef7d00;c#ffffff]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#65b32e]recommended|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable|[bg],[c#ffffff;bg#65b32e]recommended|,[c#ffffff;bg#65b32e]recommended|,[c#ffffff;bg#65b32e]recommended|,[c#ffffff;bg#65b32e]recommended|,[c#ffffff;bg#ef7d00]suitable[/vc_table]

This table is for guidance only and does not constitute a binding statement. In practice self-tests are to be carried out in advance. Further information can be obtained via our application technology.

Application Instructions
Pretreatment of the adhesive surfaces:

1K PU foam adheres to all common building materials except polyethylene, silicone, oils, greases and other release agents. Surfaces must be firm, clean, free of dust and grease. Loose parts should be removed and the substrate should be moistened if necessary. Increased moisture (pre-wet) leads to an improvement in the adhesion properties, increases the yield, refines the cell structure and reduces curing time, especially in conjunction with higher temperatures. The ideal processing temperature is approx. + 20°C. Too cold cans carefully warm in a lukewarm water bath. WARNING: Never heat above + 50°C, otherwise there is a danger of bursting. Hot cans, e.g. out of the vehicle in summer, cool analogously in a cold water bath, but do not shake! Provide PU cleaner for cleaning and removal of fresh foam. Hardened foam can be removed mechanically only. Prepare all components professionally for fastening.


Processing instructions:

  • Shake the can approx 20x in the long line direction
  • Screw in dispenser according to visual description
  • Open adjustment screw of dispenser gun, press trigger sligthly
  • Check first strip of foam and do not use it (Maybe oil or cleaner rest in dispenser gun)
  • Spray out foam in valve position upside down
  • Fill up gaps from bottom to top with approx. 80% of volume, because foam will expand and fill up gaps
  • Close adjustment screw of dispenser gun after stop of foaming for storage of can.
  • Replacement of can: Spray out foam of dispenser gun by holding can with valve side upright until gas is coming only. Unscrew dispenser from empty can and screw onto new PU foam can
  • Keep always a can (even empty one) screwed on dispenser gun to ensure tight system
  • Fresh foam can be removed with PU cleaner. Cured foam mechanically only
  • The PU-foam is not UV-stable, so it should be coated with suitable means in a timely manner, plastered or covered with UV-proof
Storage and Transportation

The products are in unopened original packaging dry (<60% RAH), and should be stored and transported at temperatures of + 15 ° C up to +25 ° C. At higher temperatures and / or higher humidity shorten the life or a change of material characteristics may arise.

Safety Precautions and Disposal

Only for professional users. Take notice of technical data sheet and safety data sheet! Information for disposal according to Material Safety Data Sheet

Warranty Information

All information in this publication is based on our current technical knowledge and experiences. However, since conditions and methods of use and application of our products are beyond our control, we suggest you to test the product before final use. Information given in this technical data sheet and explanations in connection with this technical data sheet (e. g. service description, reference to DIN regulations, etc.) is not to be seen as a warranty. Suggestions of use are not to be taken as confirmation of the appropriateness for the recommended intended use. We reserve the right to alter the product adjusting to technical progress and new developments. Subject to the application for which our products are used, an official authorization, so the user is responsible for the obtainment of such. Our recommendations do not exempt the user from the obligation of the possibility of infringement of third party rights to be considered and, if necessary, clarifying,

More information about this product is available on request

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