Volume adhesive based on PU-Systems for bonding applications

  • Multi function applications
  • Economic and quick
  • Strong initial Adhesion
  • Flammability classification E according EN 13501-1
Chemische Basis

1k Polyurethan


750ml Dose

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  • 1C-PU Premium fixing and filling foam
  • Volume adhesive based on modified PU systems
  • Flammability classification E according EN 13501-1
  • German building standard (B1 DIN4102)
  • Multi function and efficient applications
  • Foam strips of Ø2cm ~50±5m/ Ø3cm ~35±3m
  • Strong initial adhesion
  • Stable adhesive structure, no expansion
  • Fills up uneven surface and small gaps
  • Safe, efficient and universal application
  • Safety valve, TÜV approved
  • Storing of can in all positions possible
  • Grey colour of adhesion for visual control
  • Emicode EC1-PLUS R “low emission”
  • PU Foam for window and door installation as well as fixing with higher stability
  • Volume adhesive for versatile applications in building industry with high volume of adhesion
  • For bonding of insulation panels, wood and drywall panels, even onto steel constructions
  • Bonding of fire protection panels on nail plate constructions
  • Bonding of bricks and stones with plane surface without static capacity
  • Bonding of garden and ponds construction
  • Installation aid for mineral wood panels
  • Suitable for metals, plastics and bituminous surfaces
Chemical basics:1K polyurethane in aerosol can
Cell structureFine23°C, 50% r.F.
Building material classE /B1EN 13501-1/DIN 4102
Yield (strand 20×50 mm)~35±3 m23°C, 50% r.F.
Yield, foamed freely~50±5 l23°C, 50% r.F.
Bulk density, foam joint~21±2 kg/m³23°C, 50% r.F
Tack-free time~ 5±2 Min. FEICA 23°C, 50% r.F
Fully loadable (30 mm strand, 23 ° C)~12 hours23°C, 50% r.F
Tensile strenght20±3 N/cm²(Reference) DIN 53430
Shear strength3±2 N/cm²(Reference) DIN 53427
Processing temperature, optimal+18°C bis+23°C
Processing temperature, can / surrounding+5°C bis+35°C
Temperature resistance-40°C bis +80°C
Storage stability24 month23°C, 50% r.F.
Packaging750 ml can / 12 cans per box

This table is for guidance only and does not constitute a binding statement. In practice self-tests are to be carried out in advance. Further information can be obtained via our application technology.

Pretreatment of the adhesive surfaces:

1K PU volume adhesive adheres to all common building materials except polyethylene, silicone, oils, greases and other release agents. Surfaces must be firm, clean, free of dust and grease. Loose parts should be removed and the substrate should be moistened if necessary. Increased moisture (pre-wet) leads to an improvement in the adhesion properties, increases the yield, refines the cell structure and reduces curing time, especially in conjunction with higher temperatures. The ideal processing temperature is approx. + 20°C. Too cold cans carefully warm in a lukewarm water bath. WARNING: Never heat above + 50°C, otherwise there is a danger of bursting. Hot cans, e.g. out of the vehicle in summer, cool analogously in a cold water bath, but do not shake! Provide PU cleaner for cleaning and removal of fresh foam. Hardened foam can be removed mechanically only. Prepare all components professionally for fastening.

Advice of application

Volume adhesive should be applied in form of stings and in sufficient quantity on the surface. Between dispenser nozzle and surface should be a distance of about 1-2 cm so that adhesive can be applied perfectly. Adhesive string (at +20 ° C, 50% RH) should dry for about 3-5 minutes (= tack-free time) to achieve optimum initial adhesion. Higher temperatures and humidity reduce reaction times, cold and dry air delay it. Moistening of substrate may improve adhesion properties, and reduces the cure time.

Afterwards, press parts to be bonded together with pressure. Adhesive string will be collapsed and fills small unevenness. Do not hit or pick up parts, otherwise adhesive structure will be affected and adhesion strength reduced. Within approx. 10-15 minutes parts to be bonded can be readjusted. For vertical or ceiling-bonding materials has to be fixed additionally for about 30 to 120 minutes until curing. Time is depending on weight and requirements. Cured volume adhesive can be painted and plastered over.

a. Insulation and building boards

Bonding serves as an assembly aid or temporary fixation. Perimeter or flat roof
insulation and mineral wool panels has to be fixed with dowels additionally according
to application requirement. For vertical bonding adhesive strings will be applied vertically.
By 3 to 4 adhesive strings application approx 12-15 m² per sqm of plate material can
be bonded by a 750 ml can.

b. Facades, wall and ceiling insulation

For this application adhesive strings will be applied around outside, plus in W-form.
After pressing adhesive, surface will be covered with approx.40%of adhesive material.
By this type of bonding approx 5-8 m² per sqm of plate material can be bonded
by a 750 ml can.

c. Stone bonding, masonry

Stones and walls should be bonded with two adhesive strings. Distance to outer edge
should be about 3-4 cm, so that the volume adhesive is not pressed outward.
With a 750 ml cans about the same amount of stones can be glued, as with
a 25 kg sack of graut!

Processing instructions:
  • Shake the can approx 20x in the long line direction
  • Hold can and screw the dispensing gun onto valve thread of can
  • Open adjustment screw of dispenser gun, press trigger sligthly
  • Check first strip of foam and do not use it (Maybe oil or cleaner rest in dispenser gun)
  • Spray out volume adhesive in valve position upside down
  • Apply adhesive in form of strips
  • Wait until reaction time within 3-5 min.
  • Fit and adjust parts together and press finally
  • For vertical or overhead application parts has to be supported and fixed for approx. 0.5 to 2 hours till final curing
  • Close adjustment screw of dispenser gun after stop of foaming for storage of can.
  • Replacement of can: Spray out adhesive of dispenser gun by holding can with valve side upright until gas is coming only. Unscrew dispenser from empty can and screw onto new PU foam can
  • Keep always a can (even empty one) screwed on dispenser gun to ensure tight system
  • Fresh adhesive can be removed with PU cleaner. Cured foam mechanically only

The products are in unopened original packaging dry (<60% RAH), and should be stored and transported at temperatures of + 15 ° C up to +25 ° C. At higher temperatures and / or higher humidity shorten the life or a change of material characteristics may arise.

Only for professional users. Take notice of technical data sheet and safety data sheet! Information for disposal according to Material Safety Data Sheet

All information in this publication is based on our current technical knowledge and experiences. However, since conditions and methods of use and application of our products are beyond our control, we suggest you to test the product before final use. Information given in this technical data sheet and explanations in connection with this technical data sheet (e. g. service description, reference to DIN regulations, etc.) is not to be seen as a warranty. Suggestions of use are not to be taken as confirmation of the appropriateness for the recommended intended use. We reserve the right to alter the product adjusting to technical progress and new developments. Subject to the application for which our products are used, an official authorization, so the user is responsible for the obtainment of such. Our recommendations do not exempt the user from the obligation of the possibility of infringement of third party rights to be considered and, if necessary, clarifying,

More information about this product is available on request

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